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Nick Veenstra
BBA, Marketing

Lets Talk

Let's delve into your business, covering everything from marketing strategy to future goals! This complimentary consultation offers a fresh perspective on any challenges your company may currently be facing.  You will be provided with advice on how to increase customer acquisition, helpful resources to grow your company, and an action plan with next steps going forward. It's a commitment-free opportunity, with no expectations on your end.  Contact to set up a free consult.

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About Me

The first company I started was a garden box company called GardenzUp, where I worked out of my dad's shop in Paisley. Together, my dad and I built Western Red Cedar raised planter boxes. When I first started GardenzUp, I couldn't sell a single box during my first season in business. That's when I realized I needed to completely change my company's strategic approach. With a new website, digital marketing strategy, and product lineup, I was able to attract thousands to my website and make a large numbers of sales. It was after this summer that I fell in love with marketing.

During this time, I received my Bachelor of Business Administration from Bishop's University in Quebec.  At university I learned more about managing successful marketing campaigns and tactics to better reach a company's target market. At the beginning of university, I also developed a love for video production and began mastering my videoing and editing skills.

I started Saugeen Valley Media with the mission to bring high-quality production and marketing services to Bruce and Grey County and beyond.  Please feel free to reach out an learn how I can help you!


Paisley, Ontario

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Phone: 519 353 8157

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