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Nick Veenstra
BBA, Marketing


Are you interested in starting a small business? Whether you're a student or someone looking to embark on a completely new career path, I can guide you through every step, from developing your business plan and registering your business name to executing marketing campaigns and managing your finances effectively.

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In each session, we'll cover various topics such as creating a business plan, developing a marketing strategy, managing finances, identifying key tools and resources, website development, and much more.

65 $/hr

About Me

My name is Nick Veenstra.  I have been an entrepreneur for the past five years, and have learned a lot about the challenges of starting your first company as a student.  Through many successes and failures I have learned a lot of tools and strategies that improve the likelihood of your first business getting off the ground.  Complimented with a degree in business with a concertation in marketing, I have gained a wealth of knowledge that can help improve anybody's experience starting a new company.  Being that I have recently gone through this process, and have found lots of success and some failure, I can bring and honest and realistic approach on how to start your small business.

My Businesses


Saugeen Valley Media

Saugeen Valley media is a full-service advertising and media firm. We specialize in partnering with both established businesses and startups, providing a range of services, including video production, website design, and various marketing solutions.



GardenzUp was my very first company, where I created, sold, and delivered planter boxes. Operating exclusively during the summer while I was a student, the business maintained consistently high levels of sales, thanks to a highly successful digital marketing strategy.


Hometown Road

Hometown Roads was a social enterprise initiated with the aim of enhancing the local environment in my community. Leveraging content generation and robust social media management strategies, I successfully increased engagement and garnered support for my cause.


Paisley, Ontario

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Phone: 519 353 8157

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